Freelancing on Fiverr – My Experience

Hi there! 👋

This is Rafy, and recently I joined Fiverr with a new account as a seller after a long break.

With the new profile, I got the very first order on the 9th day of profile setup and already completed a few orders.

I would love to share how my experiences have been, how much I earned, the reviews I received, and any interesting incidents that happened throughout the journey.

The GOOD & the BAD Experiences – I will try to cover everything here.

So, let’s begin…

Created the Fiverr account on the 13th of August.

1st Order: Received and delivered on 22nd August

Total Time: 16 Minutes

Earned: $125

Review: Not Given!

2nd Order: Received and delivered on 25 Aug.

Order Received: 10:03 PM

Order Delivered: 10:18 PM

Total Time: 15 Minutes

Earned: $125

Review: Not Given!

3rd Order: Received and Delivered on 31st August

Order Received: 05:12 PM

Order Delivered: 05:42 PM

Total Time: 30 Minutes to deliver the actual project, but it was a very BAD EXPERIENCE!

After having quite a long conversation, this guy requested a special discount on the services by mentioning his poor situation with the budget, I accepted his request and the contract started.

But after delivering the project, he started questioning relevant and irrelevant questions again.

Then comes with a message, the service I provided is not gonna help him.

Now, I had every detail listed on the gig page, he read, asked questions, got the answers, then he placed the order!

And, after receiving the deliverables, he came up with the message!

That was frustrating and wasted my time but finally – I was able to handle him.

Lesson learned: no matter what, don’t give additional/special discounts – it attracts cheap clients only.

Earned: $50

Review: Good News!

He gave a 5-star rating!

That’s all for this far!

Now I would love to know a bit about you.

Are you a freelancer on Fiverr?

What is your experience so far on Fiverr as a seller?

Would you love to become a Freelancer? I’d love to invite you to check out my YouTube channel and videos for information:

Do you have any questions for me?

Thank you,

Azharul Rafy

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