How to Make Money with Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Fiverr Affiliate Program is one of the easiest Affiliate Networks to join and make money online.

Even complete beginners in Affiliate Marketing will be able to earn commissions by doing Fiverr Affiliate Marketing.

Starting from $15 commissions for every referral, you can earn up to $150 USD for every first-time buyer you refer on the platform.

And, recurring commission system is also available on the Fiverr Hybrid affiliate program module.

To start earning money as an Affiliate on Fiverr Affiliate Program

  1. You have to join the program, which is free
  2. You have to promote your affiliate links through social media, forums, blogs, and YouTube.
  3. When any person signs up on Fiverr using your link, and if they purchase any service on Fiverr – you will get commissions.

So, the first step is, to learn about the program and how to promote the affiliate links:

You can learn more about the Affiliate Program, how to join and how to promote affiliate links to get commissions from the following video.

Now you know more about the affiliate program, and how to join and promote your affiliate links to earn commissions.

Step two, set up a payment method to get paid:

By following the Affiliate Link promotion process mentioned in the video above, we have earned our very first $100 USD in affiliate commissions.

Let’s add a Payment Method to receive the commissions which we earned from the Fiverr affiliate program.

Check out the following video to learn about the payment methods available and how to set up the payment method to get paid:

So far, we earned commissions and got our payment method set up done. It’s time to send a payment request to the Fiverr affiliate team to get our earned commissions paid.

So, step number three is to request payment:

Check out the following video to learn, how to make a payment withdrawal request on Fiverr Affiliate Program to get paid.

And, finally, we received the payment from the Fiverr affiliate program!

I had to authorize the connection between the Fiverr affiliate program and the Payoneer account to get paid.

Check out the following video for more information:

And, to watch more videos about Affiliate Marketing, please check out the following link:

Azharul Rafy – Videos

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