How to Increase Website Loading Speed on WordPress

How to Increase WordPress Website Loading Speed?

In this post, I will share my experience taking a WordPress website loading speed from around 5.7 seconds to 1.3 seconds.

Let’s begin…

There are many aspects to work on to increase website loading speed. To be specific, despite having a good web hosting plan, you have to consider your website design elements – HTML – CSS – JavaScript codes, optimized images, HTTP requests, CDN, Caching, etc.

When you are thinking about increasing your WordPress website loading speed, there are several fantastic plugins that you can use to get your WordPress website speed optimized.

I have used 10Web Booster to optimize one of my websites and got the site performance increased to 99% from 41%!

I have tested Google Page Speed Insight and GTMetrix reports, and I have added the stats before I used the plugin.

Here is the report for the Mobile version:

No alt text provided for this image

It was taking 25.8s to get interactive on a mobile device with an overall performance score of 41%, which is really bad for a website.

Here is the report for the Desktop version:

No alt text provided for this image

When the ideal website loading speed is to stay under 3 seconds, it was taking 4.9 seconds to become the website interactive on a desktop device. Which was not a good news for me!

No alt text provided for this image

On the GTMetrix report, the site speed was even worse. GTMetrix only provides site performance reports for Desktop devices only and my website was loading in 5.7 seconds – and certainly, I was not happy with my website’s loading speed!

Then, I started using the 10Web Booster plugin to optimize my website for better performance. Surprisingly, after adding my website to the plugin, it started optimizing my website, and within a few minutes, it came up with the following results!

No alt text provided for this image

Amazing, isn’t it?

It went from a 77–83% score to a 99%-100% optimization score for Desktop devices, with a 0.3-second website loading speed!

No alt text provided for this image

And, for mobile, it turned to 91% in one go from a 40% optimization score, with a website loading speed of 1.2 seconds!

No alt text provided for this image

Website loading speed is crucial for keeping visitors coming to your site, and for Search Engine Ranking as well.

If you are having a slow-loading website, you are missing lots of opportunities. If you need help with optimizing your website with the 10Web Booster plugin, you can watch the step-by-step video on How to Increase a WordPress Website Loading Speed to follow along.

Need help with increasing your WordPress website loading speed? Please send me a message, or you can hire a professional website speed optimizer on Fiverr!


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