Become Google Certified Digital Marketer for Free!

Have you ever thought of becoming a Digital Marketer? and what about getting a worthy professional certificate from Google on Digital Marketing?

In this post, I am sharing the information on How you can become a Google Certified, Well Educated Digital Marketer for Free by taking the “Fundamental of Digital Marketing” Course from Google Digital Garage.

From the 26 Modules of the course, you will learn about the process, strategies to make a business successful with Digital Marketing, and here is the brief of each of the sections:

Take a Business Online:

  1. The opportunities available online.
  2. The first steps to take to start a business success journey online.
  3. Information on building a web presence for a business.
  4. Start building strategical planning

Make a business easy to find on the web:

  1. Start the journey with Search Engines
  2. Get Discovered on search results
  3. Optimize the presence better to get the traffics
  4. Learn about Search Ads
  5. Improve Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Reach More People Locally, on Social Media or on Mobile:

  1. Get Noticed Locally
  2. Help people find you
  3. Get Noticed with Social Media
  4. Get Deep with Social Media
  5. Learn the possibilities of mobile marketing
  6. Make mobile work for you
  7. Get started with content marketing

More customers with advertising:

  1. Connect through email marketing
  2. Promote on other websites
  3. Learn more about Display Advertising
  4. Make most out of video marketing

Track and Measure Web Traffic:

  1. Get started with Google Analytics
  2. Find Success with Analytics Report
  3. Turn Data into Insights

Sell Services or Products Online:

  1. Build an online shop
  2. Sell more online

Take a business globally:

  1. Expand a business internationally.

Here is how it works:

Learn new skills from small video tutorials, and participate on a knowledge test with some quick quiz questions after completing each of the modules.

After completing the complete course, you will have to face a final 40 questions exam, pass the exam and you will get certified if you do.

If you pass the exam – you will be able to download the certificate and share it on LinkedIn, CV, or on marketplaces to attract trust from your potential clients.

How to Join the Course for Free?

It is pretty simple to join the course for free and you will find a step by step walkthrough in the following video:

Not only in the Fundamental of Digital Marketing course, but you can join in around 151 courses on Google Digital Garage for free and learn more of Graphic Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Coding, Machine Learning, Personal Development and you have got many other courses to choose from!

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