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How to Make a WordPress Website for Free

Whether you are just starting out in Web Designing and interested to practice some of the website works, or let’s say – you want to host some of your website projects as a portfolio and looking for free domain and hosting to host them – please check out the video and you will get a solution!

I have shared the information and step by step process to get free domain and hosting from ProFreeHost and then I have shown – how to install WordPress on the free domain and hosting to get our website.

Here is the video breakdown:

  1. Created and activated an account on ProFreeHost
  2. We created a hosting account and choose a domain name for free.
  3. From CPanel – we installed WordPress and got our Free Website!
  4. We Learned How to Install a Theme to give the website a professional look.

Check out the video here:

Now – it’s time to customize the website as you need.

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