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How to Make Money on YouTube – 4 Things to Get Started

Hi, welcome to the blog post where you will learn about how you can get started with YouTubing and make money as a beginner.

Let me start by answering a commonly asked question- which is- do I need to invest to make money on YouTube?

My answer is NO, YOU DON’T NEED TO INVEST a SINGLE PENNY to GET STARTED and Make money on YouTube as a beginner. I am telling you from my experience –

Recently I uploaded a video about how much YouTube paid me for almost 1 million views with only 20 thousand subscribers, and all the money I got without investing a single penny. Please watch the video below if you are interested.

What are the things you need to get started?

  1. Knowledge – you will need to have some knowledge about the topic you want to upload videos about.

For example: If you are planning to upload videos about technology, you should be aware of trending technology news or gadgets.

If you want to make funny videos – you need to have common and funny sense of humor. You should have the ability to make others lough or get entertained with your voice or act. And these are your core assets of YouTubing!

2. Video Recording Device: If you want to shoot videos, you need a camera, and it is all fine to use your smartphone camera in the beginning of your YouTubing journey if it has a good camera quality.

I personally know many peoples who has over 100 thousand subscribers but they are still recording with their smartphone camera.

If you want to upload videos by recording your computer or phone screen, you need a screen recording and editing software, there are paid and free tools available to use for this purpose.

Along with video clips, you need to be careful about your audio quality, your audience should listen you clearly and understand what you’re talking about.

By the way- I am using my phone to record voice, you may use yours!

3. Video Idea: After choosing the video topic and getting a recording device ready, you need to think about video idea. As a beginner – you might going to be confused with what are the videos you should upload and how to make them.

To make it easier – I would suggest you to find relevant channels and watch some of their videos to get a good idea on video topics, note down- how they organized and delivered a video content, what types of videos has more views etc.

Make a list of at least 7 videos that you are going to make and upload over the next 21 days, this way you will have consistency which is an important aspect of a YouTube channel growth.

4. Consistency with Patience: the truth is – as a beginner you might not going to get a good number of views and engagement on your first few videos, and it is usual.

You have to keep uploading videos with quality and make a playlist of at least 10 good videos from which peoples either going to get value to use for a particular subject, or to get entertained.

Then, you have to share your contents on relevant places such as Facebook groups, pages and on other social media sites to get attention.

The more value you provide through your videos, more engagement you will have and people will start subscribing and following you.

So – be patient and keep uploading good videos, success will come to you.

This is it guys, I believe I was able to help you with some good information, if you have found this post helpful, please LIKE and Share it. And if you have got any question regarding YouTubing or make money online, you can ask me in the comment section below.

If you are interested to watch the video of this blog post, please check this out:

And, to watch my future uploads about how to set up a YouTube channel step by step, how to upload videos, how to do video SEO etcetera, please stay connected.

I hope to see you in the next post, thank you very much for reading!

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