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How to Make Money on YouTube – Step by Step Guideline

As you’re reading this blog post of Learners World, you are interested to learn How to Make Money on YouTube. Here in this post, you will find complete step by step guideline with video tutorials.

But, at the beginning, I would love to ask:

Do you love making videos on your phone? It could be about any subject that you can share with your friends and family?

For example- if you love travelling and discovering new places, you can make videos about the beautiful scenes you enjoyed while you visited certain place. You can make videos demonstrating the good, bad and ugly things of the attraction!

Love riding bicycle? – you can use an action camera and create videos while you ride through the roads. Fun staff right?

Or maybe you have a talent on Art, Playing Musical Instruments, or you sing well and many people doesn’t know about, bring it in front of the world through videos.

Or you may have good knowledge on any educational subject that you could share in video lessons. And, this is exactly what I do and as a live example- I am sharing my knowledge with you right now!

So, if you have something to share and if you enjoy it doing, start making videos about whatever you know well, or you find interesting.

After passing a certain time period, you will find ways to monetize your uploads which will bring you a fan base, love, respect and pretty good income.

In the following video, I talked about the 6 different ways to monetize your video on YouTube to Make Money:

Found anything interesting from the video above?

Let me share my short story of how I earned over $4000 US Dollars from YouTube Ad Revenue.

I started uploading videos to help some of my Facebook friends by answering their questions in regarding of Freelancing. Within few months, realized- hundreds of peoples are watching my videos. They are adding more questions and saying good words, which made me feel happy, and motivated me to keep uploading informational contents on my YouTube Channel.

After one year, I had more than 50 videos uploaded on my channel showing the works I do as a Data Entry professional. Thousands of peoples started loving the videos and started making comments, recommendations and many of them actually started being successful by watching my videos and following the instructions!

When I started receiving messages with complements, it felt like – I am doing something for the community and people started loving me much more than ever.

I started taking YouTube in a little serious consideration then, continued uploading more relevant quality contents to make the way of making money online easier for my followers, created a Playlist of Data Entry, Web Research tutorials.

On last December 12th, I got Google Adsense monetization on my channel, and now those videos are a great source of my monthly income. If you are interested to see how much I am getting paid from YouTube per month, please check out the video below, and it is growing!

If you have watched the video above, you got the idea on the potentiality to make money on YouTube, and if you are interested – the good thing is, you don’t need to work under any boss!

You will be able to choose the subject you want to upload videos about, you can work on your own time schedule, and you can upload videos from any corner of the world!

I have shared – what are the things you need to start a YouTube channel in the following video:

If you have watched it already, now you know, you don’t need to invest a single penny to get started and make money on YouTube.

Here is a recap of what are the things you need to start a YouTube channel:

  1. Knowledge on the selected subject
  2. Video Recording Device (your smartphone is enough)
  3. List of Video Idea
  4. Consistency with Patience!

That’s it, these are the core components to start a YouTube channel for free!

So far, how are you feeling?

Do you want to learn how to start a YouTube Channel and Make Money? If yes, I have got a video to share with you, where I have showed the process step by step anyone could follow.

In the following video, I have demonstrated – how to create a YouTube Channel like a PRO, how to choose your YouTube Channel Name, process of customizing your channel to make it attractive and all basic and advance settings that I personally follow.

If you have watched the video above, and took action, you
should have a Professional looking YouTube channel already, please share it by commenting below and I would love to see it!

To get more tutorials about – how to upload videos on YouTube, how to do Video SEO to get higher rank, how to create and add custom thumbnails, how to promote your videos for free to gain more views and subscribers, please follow my Make Money on YouTube Tutorials playlist.

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